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On Track eLearning Package

In 2013, the WACHS Allied Health Clinical Education Program undertook the development of an inter-profession eLearning Package with funding made available by Health Workforce Australia.

The online package is free training, covering everything from planning, commencing, carrying and evaluating student placements. Designed for rural and remote allied health and nursing professionals and appropriate for both experienced supervisors and those new to supervision, the course can be completed singularly or together as a whole course. If you are a staff member of the WA Country Health Service access this package from the WACHS intranet.

Course Outline

Title Content Duration
Module 1:
Deciding to Start
Planning and preparing for student placement. 30 minutes
Module 2:
Starting your Journey
Commencing placement and orientation 30 minutes
Module 3:
On the road of supervision
Conducting a supervision session and evaluating students. 30 minutes
Module 4:
Looking back at the journey
Facilitating reflection and evaluation of the supervisory experience 30 minutes
Module 5:
Skills 1 for your journey
Coaching and communication skills 60 minutes
Module 6:
Skills 2 for your Journey
Teaching Skills, Emotional Intelligence, Conflict Resolution, Professional Skills, & Managerial Skills 60 minutes
Module 7:
Journey to self-discovery
Understanding how communication and learning styles, culture and experience influence supervision. 60 minutes
Module 8:
Navigating your way to more effective supervision
Developing a plan to advance your supervision skills. 30 minutes
Module 9:
Bumps in the Road
Managing difficulties in student performance and the supervisory relationship. 60 minutes
Module 10:
Working with and providing supervision to others
Identifying legislated and ethical supervisory obligations, and utilising supervision skills in multifaceted roles. 60 minutes


Prior to commencing ensure you have the system requirements.

The Clinical Training Network and WA Country Health Service are unable to provide IT support for this package. For IT problems access the instruction manual provided (PDF 566KB) or seek support from your local IT department.

This project was possible due to funding made available by Health Workforce Australia.

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